Like most living creatures, birds need the correct balance of vitamins and minerals to promote optimal growth, development and health.

Vitamin A for example is crucial in maintaining skin and feather condition and promoting good eyesight. It also helps promote ideal bone growth and reproduction and is even useful in fighting infection. Find out more about vitamin A here.

good intake of vitamin D is also important as it helps regulate the calcium and phosphorus concentrations in the body which look after bone growth. Read more.

Vitamin E has an extremely vital role to play in a bird's health because it interacts with other nutrients and has a far-reaching effect on the whole metabolic process such as maintaining the integrity of cell membranes throughout the body. Click here for more.

Fortunately your birds can receive all the nutrition they need via GOLDEN COB™ seed mixes which are high in essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your birds happy and healthy.

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