Murphy's law…

As a breeder, maintaining the health and wellbeing of your birds is no doubt a vital part of your daily routine.

Although feeding a healthy, well balanced diet is the best way to keep your birds in peak condition, there are occasions where a little 'something extra' may be required to maintain good health.

In the wild, a bird's own self-regulating immune system ensures that it receives a balance of organic and inorganic nutrients to maintain health, vigour and breeding condition.

However, in captivity birds don’t have access to the same materials and so maintaining the correct level of nutrients is slightly harder and, while many breeders acknowledge the need for nutritional supplements, they do run the risk of other nutrients being “thrown out of balance”. This just ends up wasting time and money as well as having the potential to make the birds sick.

Murphy's Pro System mineral supplement solves this problem by introducing a carefully formulated source of vitamins and minerals especially prepared for budgerigars.

Developed and tested during many years with real birds in real conditions, birds reared on Murphy's Pro System are significantly less prone to disease. The number of chicks that hatch and leave the nest box and reach self sufficiency is greatly improved.

Murphy's Pro System has been proven time and again to help budgerigars reach their full potential and it can easily do the same for your birds too.

For caged birds this powder supplement is best given by strategically placing it in finger drawers allowing for easy access.

And for birds in free flight the supplement should be placed in dishes protected from the weather. Any fouled material should be thrown out and the drawers or dishes cleaned and sterilized before use.

Typical analysis:

Charcoal 23%

Calcium sulphate 15%

Calcium carbonate 38%

Sodium chloride 14%

Magnesium manganese 0.11%

Copper 0.4mg per kg

Zinc 0.0008%

Iron 0.058%

Potassium oxide 0.0008%

Please note: This mineral supplement under certain weather conditions can become hygroscopic (absorbs water). No harm will come to birds consuming clean, damp material.

Damp matter may be dried out in the oven using a low heat setting.